A "Welsh Child Payment" could take the 3,205 of children in Aberconwy out of poverty says Llanrwst Cllr Aaron Wynne


Introducing a £35 per week payment for every child in low income families in Wales could lift the 3,205 children currently in poverty in Aberconwy out of poverty, Plaid Cymru councillor and candidate for Aberconwy, Aaron Wynne has said.

According to data from End Child Poverty, there were 26.5% of children living in poverty in Aberconwy in 2017/18.

The Plaid Cymru candidate for Aberconwy in 2021 said that a newly elected Plaid Cymru government in a years' time would make lifting children in Wales out of poverty one of its "priorities" and cited a Welsh Child Payment to every child in low income families as one potential option in doing this.

He added that a payment of £35 per week could "drastically transform the lives of young people across Wales" giving them "the best start in life they deserve".

The Llanrwst councillor said that whilst Labour in Wales "don't even have a specific strategy" to tackle poverty, Plaid Cymru would deliver a programme of government with a priority of eradicating child poverty.

Llanrwst councillor and Plaid Cymru Aberconwy candidate Aaron Wynne said,

"A Plaid Cymru would make lifting children out of poverty one of its main priorities. One of the ways we could do this is to potentially introduce a new Welsh Child Payment for low-income families. A payment of £35 a week for every child could drastically transform the lives of young people across Wales and providing them with the best start in life they deserve.

"Labour in Wales don't have a specific strategy to tackle poverty nor even a basic definition of poverty, Plaid Cymru will deliver a competent government which prioritises eradicating child poverty.

"We won't just manage problems. We will solve them. Poverty is a political choice. Plaid Cymru will make sure that Wales will choose differently.


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